My Perfect Sunday

Yesterday was somewhat perfect. Usually I’m pretty stressed on Sundays because I’m cramming to get tons of work done before a new week, but yesterday was pretty much stress-free. I woke up feeling super well-rested (thank you daylight savings for an extra hour of sleep) and then Molly picked me up to get coffee and Beach Bagels (a really good bagel shop near the beach where you can find tons of college kids eating brunch on the weekend). We met up with a few friends there, and had a good time talking about being out at the beach bars the night before (gossiping the day after going out is always enjoyable). After that, Molly dropped me back on my street, where Raleigh’s film group was shooting some scenes for their project. I stopped over to talk to her for a bit, and then crawled back into bed for a little while to watch some episodes of New Girl (MY FAVORITE SHOW). I honestly think I watched about 15 episodes this weekend and can proudly say that I am officially caught up on the show so if anyone wants to talk about their love for Nick Miller with me, I’d be happy to obsess over him with you. Then Taylor came over and we took a long walk on the beach while catching up on life (she used to be my roommate and we miss living together). After our walk on such a beautiful fall day, we drove to campus to see the second half of the men’s basketball exhibition game, which we won by over 50 points. I went to Trader Joe’s after the game to get some groceries, then went back home and hung out until my sorority chapter meeting that evening.

While I didn’t really do anything super incredible, I just wanted to write down what I did to look back one day and appreciate the freedom and friends in my life at this point and note how much it all means mean to me. As you may know, this year started out really hard. I’m not close with my current roommates, I was really stressed about school and Rock for a Cure, I was sleeping horribly, and I just felt a little lost. Yesterday was one of those days that helped me realize that things are turning around and I can feel myself being a lot happier again. I’m taking time to be with the friends who actually care about me, and trying not to dwell on the negatives in life. Senior year is too short to be unhappy the whole time!

I’ve been really into reading posts from a blog called “Thought Catalogue” and found a post recently that really applies to my life. Read it if you have a little time… it’s really relevant to all you college kids out there.

It’s now Monday and I’m back to being busy all day. I’m using this few hour break in my day to write down some senior year moments that I want to remember. Yesterday is definitely one of those for sure. I wanted to pause yesterday in the middle of the afternoon and bottle up my happiness and freedom and youth to revisit whenever I want when I’m old and married and not living in perfect Wilmington anymore. If anyone finds a way to do that, let me know 🙂