Richmond Park and More Class

TGIF! I’m so thrilled to not have any class today and sleep in yet again (yes, I LOVE sleep). Since my last post, I’ve been busy with classes and a little exploring around campus. On Tuesday (9/25), Raleigh, Liza, and I went to go check out Richmond Park, a beautiful open area full of pretty vegetation and wild animals, mostly deer! Richmond Park is just a ten minute walk from campus and is the largest Royal Park in London (about 2500 acres). It has a few roads and sidewalk paths that go through it so people can bike, walk, or run around the park without having to worry about stepping in poop (there was a LOT of that). Without really knowing which path to take through the park, we decided to just pick a road and walk down it… hopefully embarking on some food towards the end of the path. The park was bigger even more beautiful that I had imagined. It was just full of open grassy areas and the packs of deer grazing the fields were incredible! There were a lot of people running and biking through the park but I could tell they’ve seen it all before because the park’s beauty didn’t faze them at all, while Raleigh, Liza and I stopped every five minutes to observe the deer or take pictures. We finally made it all the way across one part of the park by the (from the Roehampton Gate to the Richmond Gate) and walked a few more minutes until we came across a little pub and ate there for lunch. This link shows an interactive map of the park so you can get an idea of how big it really is: . I ordered bangers and mash… my first traditional English meal! Bangers and mash is basically like nice sausage links on top of mashed potatoes with some gravy and caramelized onions. Delicious! Liza ordered fish and chips so I also got to try that dish as well… I actually really liked it surprisingly enough (since I don’t like fish I wasn’t so sure about that one). Anyway, our day exploring Richmond Park was very nice and we got some good exercise walking there and back!

Wednesday (9/26… MY HALF BIRTHDAY) I woke up somewhat early and took a trip to Asda (the big, cheap grocery store like Walmart) with Sinead and Laura (flat rep friends). Laura is borrowing her mom’s car and drove us there (something I’m not used to because we take the bus almost everywhere). It was so weird being in a small car driving on the opposite side of the road. I’d be so freaked out to drive around here… people are crazy and so impatient! After my much needed Asda trip, I came back and got ready for the women’s basketball trials (AKA tryouts). It went pretty well but was somewhat frustrating at times when playing with girls who really just cannot play. I was pretty patient with them though and did my best anyway. I just received a text last night telling me I made the team, and practice officially starts on Monday so I’m looking forward to playing with some better talent. After basketball, I met Raleigh and Chelsea for the volleyball taster session and played that for a little while. I felt really bad for the people running it because it was so unorganized and barely anyone there knew how to play. We left early because it just wasn’t what we expected, but at least I got to check it out I guess.

Thursday (9/27) was a day full of sitting in class. I had another (boring) sociology lecture and then two hour seminar, and then an hour for lunch and then Children’s Literature. I actually really enjoyed the lit class because we got to reminisce on our favorite childhood books. I mentioned some of my favorites being the Patricia Polacco books from elementary school, but my professor wasn’t familiar with them (oh well). I am definitely looking forward to that class because it actually seems really interesting and I can’t wait to reread some other childhood favorites like Peter Pan, Alice In Wonderland, and Peter Rabbit and look at them in a new way. After classes, I ordered Chinese with Raleigh and Chelsea to be delivered to campus and we devoured all of it… so worth it!

Today (9/28) I decided to switch out of my sociology class and picked up a linguistics class for my English major that will be only on Mondays so I’m happy about that for next week. I’m taking a trip to Kingston with some of the girls to explore that town, take some pictures, and get some good food for lunch! Tonight is the first official Friday Bop dance on campus and the theme is superheroes… I’ll have to pull together an outfit pretty quickly. More updates and pictures to come soon!


Bangers and mash! YUM.