Photo Frenzy

Today was probably the best day I’ve had here so far. All the international students “competed” in a big scavenger hunt called Photo Frenzy with destinations throughout the central London area. We split ourselves up into groups of eight and were given a camera for each group and instructed to take the most creative pictures with the group at the destinations on our sheet (which only had clues about the places to find, NOT directions). After of frantically grouping ourselves off into groups of eight, we were sent off ON OUR OWN to figure out the transportation systems and make it over to central London (which consisted of taking about two trains and the tube for a few stops). At least the school gave every student a free ticket to ride the public transportation all day! It was scary at first because we were on our own and the pace of people in London make us look like slowpokes since we stopped a lot to look at maps with intricate colored routes for tube/bus lines and stations. Needless to say, it was a bit overwhelming with all the people going off and on the public transportation systems and having to be stuck in the middle of all the hustle and bustle.My group consisted of me and two other girls from my school (Raleigh and Chelsea), along with my other new good friend Liza (from Australia!), and five other internationals each from a different country. Yes, we broke the rules and had nine in our group, but at least we were the most diverse! The other internationals were from Norway (Theo), France (Melanie), Dubai (Sonny?), Italy (Michaela), and the Netherlands (Renee)… pretty cool, huh? It was awesome getting to talk to all these different people about their experiences in college and living in general.  And I do have to give a big shout out to Michaela who led the way the entire time since she was somewhat familiar with the transportation system. We got a bit lost a few times but always found our way to where we were going.

Some of the destinations included Big Ben, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar’s Square, and other main points in the city. It was amazing to actually stand next to these landmarks and places that I have only seen in a picture or on TV before.  Buckingham Palace was very pretty, but I’d love to go back to see the changing of the guards! Big Ben was definitely the most beautiful building ever… the architecture was unbelievable and it looked even bigger in real life. We got to see the London eye from across a river, but I’d love the chance to ride it sometime while I’m here!

As for the photo competition, we don’t know if our group won yet, (since we only had disposable cameras they won’t develop the film today), but our group did try to come up with some funny/unique poses. I had the idea of drawing the mustaches, and that seemed to be a hit! Also, some of the photos we took will probably end up on Roehampton’s website eventually. I’ll keep you posted on that!

So that’s a little about my day today. I am completely exhausted and really need some sleep. I’ve uploaded a few of my favorite pictures of the day but there will be plenty more on my Facebook! Check back soon!

Central London

Me and Chelsea at Buckingham Palace


Raleigh, Me, Liza

Does anyone know the time?

London Eye