Kingston, Superhero Bop & Notting Hill

Hello all! Let me begin this post with Friday’s (9/28) trip to Kingston, a local town near Roehampton with lots of great shopping and food only a 15 minute bus ride away! Raleigh, Liza, and I first got on a bus going in the complete opposite direction (we were in a rush and jumped on without thinking), but we quickly figured out how to hop busses and find a stop that was going to Kingston so it wasn’t the end of the world. I’m actually starting to figure out my way around so it’s a good feeling to somewhat know how to get places using public transportation. Kingston was such a great area for walking around to shop and eat. However, the weather turned crappy on us really quickly (as in rainy and cold) right when we got off the bus there. We still made the most of our time by stopping in a pub to eat, browsing bakeries (so tempting, but I didn’t get anything), and looking in a few of the stores. I definitely would love to go back there soon on a nicer day because there is a lot more exploring (and window shopping) to be done! The weather got a little better towards the late afternoon and I got to see an awesome rainbow over Kingston which was really cool. We also saw this cool art structure that looked like a bunch of those red English phone booths toppled over like dominoes. Obviously, I had to get a touristy picture!

On to Friday night’s bop dance, which was superhero themed. After stressing pretty much all week about not having a costume to wear or any good clothes to put together for an outfit, I embraced the opportunity I had at Kingston and went into Primark with Raleigh to hunt for something (anything) superhero related. There are pictures of my outfit and what my friends wore here so you can check it out. I was basically my own version of a general comic book superhero, and really proud about those boxers I found last minute! Bop was a pretty fun night, the DJ was okay but I loved getting ready and hanging out with the Newman crew in our silly outfits. We are like one little family and I love that they have adopted me into their flat (I’m there ALL the time).

Liza (comic book superhero?), Chelsea (Robin Hood), Raleigh (Captain America), Me (comic book superhero?), Kelly (Catwoman), Sinead (Mustache Man)

Saturday (9/29) Raleigh, Kelly, and I planned a day trip to Notting Hill and Portobello Road! I still have yet to see the movie (with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts), but I plan on watching it soon because Raleigh brought it with her from home and now I can appreciate it more! We went to the bookstore where some of the movie was filmed and took some more touristy pictures there (of course). But besides that, walking down Portobello Road was really a unique experience. I’ve been to my fair share of outdoor busy marketplaces, but this place was really interesting. Notting Hill has the reputation for being an affluent, fashionable area, and its architecture in the area really reflects that. Portobello Road runs right through Notting Hill from the north end to south end, and is known for its weekend market, specializing in a large section of antiques and another of fresh fruits and veggies. We walked around for a while and ate at another pub where I finally ordered my own fish and chips dish (which was really good)! Overall, our day at the market was really awesome and I definitely plan on going back another weekend to maybe buy some cool gifts for people or just look around some more since we didn’t even get to see it all. Next time I go, I also plan to hold out on eating at a restaurant there and buy food from the tons of vendors on the street. There were SOOO many options for food, such as kebabs, falafel, burgers, chicken, stir-fry, crepes, and so much more. Now I’m hungry all over again, great.  Overall, great day. The Notting Hill tube station was really pretty too. I learned even more about travelling on the tubes because this little day trip required taking a bus AND the tube to get there… I’m definitely more comfortable taking public transportation and we didn’t get lost at all this time!