Let me tell you about my LITTLE…

Just two weekends ago my sorority finally had Big-Little Reveal. I’m SO excited to FINALLY announce that my little is a lovely junior named Tricia! It’s so exciting to talk about her in public and not keep it a secret anymore! Tricia is transfer nursing student from Sanford, NC and is such a sweet girl. SHE IS AWESOME. Over the past month and a half, I’ve been working my butt off to gather goodies and make crafts for her to put in four different baskets of surprises for four weeks straight. Well, FINALLY, the crafting and money spending is over, as it ended with a big celebration on the beach and then going out to a party my AGD sisters.

The reveal was really exciting… we all formed a long line on the beach and made a tunnel with our arms for the new girls (the littles) to run through one by one. At the end of the tunnel, I was hiding in a decorated box and popped out when Tricia ran through. Both of us were SO excited when I popped out and we hugged and laughed and took a bunch of pictures with our family on the beach. It’s a really rewarding feeling to finally have my little and see how much she appreciated everything I’ve done for her so far. I like that I have some leadership in the sorority, even though I do not have an official position in the chapter (which I wouldn’t have time for anyway). I know that Tricia is really excited to have me as her big, and we’re already getting super close. She knows I will be there for her if she ever needs anything and I’m happy to help her find her place in our chapter. This week is initiation week, with ceremonies each night for our new members before they officially become sisters of Alpha Gamma Delta after the initiation ceremony on Friday evening. Here are some pictures of the baskets and crafts I made for Tricia, and also some cute shots of the reveal and after-party. YAY FOR FINALLY HAVING A LITTLE!


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AGD Recruitment

I’m finally sitting down to write this post after the craziest past few days ever. Since before classes started up, I have been attending sorority practices in preparation for recruitment here at UNCW. And when I say “practice” I’m basically referring to a full time job, because that’s how much time I felt like we spent preparing. Don’t get me wrong, we definitely needed practice. It has just been a long few weeks…

In a nutshell, recruitment is three rounds (Philanthropy, Sisterhood, and Preference) and one heck of a long week. There is a LOT that goes in to this whole process: what to say, what not to say, practicing chants, grabbing girls at the door, what to wear, how to vote, etc… the list goes on.

To be honest, I was somewhat dreading this whole recruitment process going in to it. I have never had to experience fall recruitment (since I rushed in the spring of my sophomore year and went abroad fall of my junior year), and I was hoping I could magically get out of this whole process. However, that was not going to happen, so I put on a happy face and participated. Surprisingly, I learned a whole lot about recruitment that I never knew before.

New recruitment lingo I’ve learned:

PNM – Potential New Member. Any girl who’s not Greek already.

Rush Crush – A girl you fall in love with during recruitment and NEED to have her in your sorority. Seriously, you’d give your left arm to give this girl a bid.

Bump Group – The group of girls in your sorority that you will “bump” into while they are casually having a conversation with a PNM. A way to transition into conversations with girls who have no idea that your bump process is completely planned and you have a set girl to speak to next. (This process sounds complicated unless you’ve been through recruitment before…)

Bid Day – The end of recruitment when the new girls get a bid to join your sorority and run to your group on a big lawn where everyone is freaking out hugging each other and taking pictures throwing up their “gang” sign with their hands.

With all sarcasm aside, there is a point to posting about the end of recruitment. I’ve never considered myself a “sorority girl.” Ever. But I can sincerely say that this recruitment process has opened my eyes to a deeper understanding of what it means to be in a sisterhood. I had my reservations before joining a sorority, and a few more even after getting in. As much as I was not looking forward to recruitment training and rush week, this entire process has helped me understand how strong and supportive these girls are. Alpha Gamma Delta is more than just girls going to parties and hanging out. I’ve learned quickly that some of these girls will jump in front of a moving car for me. They can tell when something’s wrong and I haven’t spoken a word to them yet. They are there to share my happiness, but also support me during harder times.

I don’t want this post to sound cliché, but AGD recruitment has changed my outlook on sorority sisterhood. It has reminded me why I’m choosing to stick with the chapter through my senior year. The last round, Preference, is a truly special ceremony when our select final groups of PNMs come in one last time before making a decision. We make this round serious, and have the opportunity to connect on a deeper level with a PNM we have invited back. After this heartfelt conversation, usually involving tears, the girls in our chapter have a special ceremony where we play “You Make It Real” by James Morrison, and pass around a candle. I’m not one to really get emotional about this stuff, but there was an energy in the room that I couldn’t help but embrace. Looking around at all my sisters with tears in their eyes, I found myself tearing up too with my heart about to burst out of my chest. The love, passion and sincerity that everyone feels for this sisterhood is something that is hard to describe with words. Finally I can say that I felt that same deeper connection to Alpha Gamma Delta that I was trying hard to find.

Bid day is now over and a group of 32 new “babies” has joined our chapter. I’m really looking forward to getting to know each one. Everyone is raving about the new pledge class already! I will say that the bid day event was a bit anticlimactic in my opinion, but it was great to see how happy the new girls were to join our sisterhood. While I was upset that my “rush crush” ran to another sorority, I learned that everything happens for a reason and girls end up with the chapter that will be best for them. I’m still a little bitter about the computer/voting system works, but we can’t change much now.

I’m really looking forward to this semester with our new “baby squirrels” to see how our chapter can help them grow and also see how our chapter can grow from them.

That’s all for now. More updates about our new girls to come soon. Now it’s time to go friend 32 new girls on Facebook and welcome them to Alpha Gamma Delta!

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