My Fantastic February


There has been so much excitement in my life during the month of February so I’ll try to touch on some of the major things to update you all…


As I’ve mentioned plenty of times before in my blog, being a part of UNCW’s Student Ambassadors organization is probably the best thing I have joined in college. I won’t get all sappy and talk about how it has helped me grow as a person and find confidence in myself as a leader, but it has really been responsible for lot of my happiness here at UNCW. I was able to travel to Charleston, SC for my third convention since I joined Ambassadors freshman year and I felt like such a convention veteran during this trip and conference. Convention is such a great opportunity for our Ambassador organization to learn and grow by mixing with other schools and ambassador programs and learning how they run their organizations in various sessions. Because convention was held in Charleston this year, we had a short road trip there and got to enjoy the city too! My favorite part of convention is being able to make friends with students from other schools in the southeast and keep in touch after it’s over. The weekend flew by, but the experience was one of my favorite memories of this semester.

Student Ambassadors also get “newbies” earlier this semester. Our newbies are the newest batch of students that we admit into the organization. This year we got 24 newbies and they are so great. I love the recruitment period in Ambassadors because getting our newbies really revive the organization and get everyone excited for these new members to be a part of our “ambassa-family.” We welcome these newbies into Ambassadors by going on a retreat at the beach for a full day to teach them everything we do, as well as participate in tons of teambuilding activities and icebreakers. The new member retreat always brings our Ambassadors closer together and we all feel like one big family after the long day. This retreat was extra special because it was the last one I’d participate in. It’s crazy how so many traditions have been “the last” already. I’m getting so sentimental now that my last semester is already half way over!


As some of your blog readers know, I was selected to be on Homecoming Court to represent my organizations and involvement at UNCW. Being chosen for this is a HUGE honor in my opinion, and it was something I had only dreamed about my freshman year. The school chooses 5 girls and 5 guys to be on the court, so the process was really selective. I was so excited to be recognized by the school for all of my commitments to the university. Because of this awesome recognition, my family traveled down here to Wilmington to support me on the court! The winners of Homecoming King and Queen were announced at halftime of the big basketball game, which happened this past weekend (2/22). I ended up winning first runner up for Queen, which is an honor I am extremely proud of. While I didn’t win the title of Queen, the support that I received from all my friends was overwhelming leading up to the big announcement. I was so fortunate to have my family down here too. My best friend Yael even got to ride down with my parents and spent the whole weekend with me (LOVE YOU YAEL!). My grandparents Gigi and Charlie also made the 9 hour trip down to NC, which was an AWESOME surprise. I cannot repeat enough how fortunate I am for the amazing opportunity to be on Homecoming Court. The experience was by far one of my favorite here at UNCW.


Now that all the homecoming excitement is finally over, I can focus on my spring break plans! I am going on a 4 night CRUISE (for the first time) that leaves from Miami and goes to Nassau and Cococay (both in the Bahamas) and Key West! I CANNOT CONTAINT MY EXCITEMENT. This has been a crazy busy week leading up to break so now that I have officially completed all my work, I’m ready to celebrate. I’m going with my 3 friends: Esme, Julia, and Camille (girls from AGD) and we will leave to drive down to Miami on Saturday REALLY early in the morning. Despite the 12 hour car ride there and back, I’m SO PUMPED for this vacation and to be in the sunshine and have a tan again (finally).


That’s all the updates for now. I plan to post about my spring break cruise when I’m back 🙂









Spring Semester Catch Up

I feel awful for not keeping up with this blog as much as I would have hoped recently. There are so many things that I want to record and share with you because I am having such an amazing last semester so far. I’m going to try and mention some of the main things that have happened during the last few months without writing a novel (wish me luck)!

New Years 2014 – as much as I badmouth this holiday as “overrated,” I actually gave in to the hype and made plans this year. I ended up buying a ticket to some party at the Borgatta in Atlantic City with a big group of friends from high school. It ended up being one of the best New Years celebrations I’ve ever had so I’m definitely happy that I gave in to the peer pressure. I stuck with my best friend Yael for the whole night and we had a great time dancing, mingling, and enjoying the open bar available for two hours. This was my first New Years being of age, so hey, I needed to enjoy it! We stayed down the shore that night in Margate with a bunch of our guy friends and had an awesome time laughing in the morning about the night before. Definitely one of my favorite winter break memories!



Florida with the family – I was lucky enough to escape the winter break snow storm up north by going to Florida with my family and visiting my grandparents, Bubbie and Zadie. It was so nice to spend some quality time with everyone so I really tried to make the most out of the vacation with family bonding. Unfortunately, the weather was not very nice and we saw the sunshine for a total of two hours in a span of five days. Of course my family made the best of it by eating and shopping our way through Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and Delray Beach. We also got to celebrate my mom’s 50th birthday (a lot). I can’t complain though, we were lucky enough to have weather in the 50’s and rainy than be in the 20’s with snow! One of my favorite parts of the trip was learning Yiddish words from Bubbie and Zadie.


Snow/Ice Days – THREE FULL DAYS OF CLASS CANCELLED. Enough said! I enjoyed some major downtime from this busy semester by watching TV, looking for jobs to apply to, and hanging out with friends. It was awesome. I do have to admit, though, that by the time I had to go back to class I was definitely ready. It’s hard for me not to have a routine or be on schedule!


New Internship – I have been interning since the beginning of this semester in January at a community college in downtown Wilmington called Cape Fear. I am so thankful for this opportunity because I have been doing a lot of work related to a professional career in public relations! I am the Marketing & PR intern for the Public Information Office and have been working hard on writing press releases, articles, taking photos, designing marketing slides, and more! The internship is going really well and I am so glad I’m getting this experience with duties related to PR, which is what I want to do for a career!

More to come ASAP about more recent and exciting things for me this semester 🙂




Winter Break: Part 1

Okay so to be honest, I was really not looking forward to being home for almost an entire month for winter break. It’s not that I don’t love my family or my house, I just don’t have much going on here anymore. With my four years of starting a life in Wilmington, I have lost some ties here in Cherry Hill because of time and distance. I expected to be doing a whole lot of nothing at home. And as much as I love some relaxation time, there’s only so much time I can spend on my couch. With that being said, this break has actually been a lot better than I expected so far. I’ve enjoyed my mom’s homemade baked goodies, snuggling with my dog, and sleeping in as late as I want in my comfy bed. All of these things are norms when it comes to being home on break, but I also have been trying to have a bit of a social life at home too…

It’s been a bit of a struggle being home during previous breaks because as I’ve said before, I’ve lost touch with some friends at home and end up hanging out more with my parents than I do with people my own age. I obviously do have SOME friends at home that I’m still really close to (hey Yael, Genevieve, and Allison), so I make it a point to see them and catch up. Other than that, I end up experiencing awkward run-ins with kids from high school and play the “should I acknowledge that we know each other” game very often. It’s hard to stay in hiding in Cherry Hill.

Anyway, this past week I’ve already seen Anchorman 2 (with its awesome and hilarious cameos), went to a holiday party with family and hung out with my cousins, “modeled” in a photo-shoot for my Genevieve, and hosted a spontaneous mini reunion with a group of girls I grew up playing basketball with (Paige, Kim, Yael, Genevieve). We ended up drinking wine, catching up, reminiscing, and watching some hilarious home videos dating all the way to elementary school. It really felt like I was back in third grade when I called Paige’s home phone number to invite her over (something I haven’t done in years)! It was really cool to see how even after a few years of being apart at different schools, we can all come back together like old times and just laugh about things. It was interesting to see how different each one of our college experiences is.

Coming up is the highly anticipated Gurkin Christmas Eve party where family and friends (lots of Jewish friends who don’t have much going on that night) come over our house to mingle, eat, and drink. I’m really excited to see everyone reunite tomorrow!

I’m happy to say that this break has gotten off to a great start. Hopefully I can keep adding in more plans with friends in to my schedule 🙂

Fall Semester Wrap Up

While I should be wrapping up some presents right now, I’ve decided to take a little time to write a wrap up of my fall semester instead. It has been by far the hardest semester I’ve had at UNCW with tons of ups and downs. My schedule got really crazy towards the end and I barely had time to write for my blog. But thankfully, I have plenty of downtime at home here in NJ so I can write a bit more.

I finished the end of the semester with all A’s (and one stupid B), and will officially graduate magna cum laude from UNCW in May. It’s insane to fathom that I have just one semester left at my amazing school, so I’m really going to enjoy every last second when I’m back in Wilmington in January.

Since I last wrote, a lot of things happened back at school. I hosted Student Ambassador Senior Sendoff at my house where we celebrated and said goodbye to our two graduating seniors, Austin and Kristen. It was fun having all my ambassador friends at my beach house. The last few days I spent in Wilmington were really great, partly because of the great weather but mostly because I was free from everything school-related. I finally had some free time to enjoy hanging out with friends and celebrate. A few really good friends graduated this semester so I had the chance to see them walk at the commencement ceremony. Shout out to Molly, Austin, Kristen, Elias, and Andy! It was exciting to see them parading around in their caps and gowns, but also sad because some of these people are leaving Wilmington and I don’t know when I’ll see them next. The weirdest thing about going to the graduation was the one thought I had in the back of my mind… that will be me, right there in those seats, next semester. Just five more months. It’s really starting to creep up on me, and I don’t like it one bit.

544226_10153650830540121_510788615_n 1462855_10153650831215121_441561870_n

The second I got back to Wilmington after my Thanksgiving break, I spent most of time at the library studying and working on some major group projects. The work that I’m most proud is my final public relations campaign project that I worked on all semester with a group of three other girls in my PR II class. We worked so hard on putting together an entire PR plan for our client, the public relations/integrated marketing communication/advertising (PR/IMC/AD) subdiscipline in the Department of Communication Studies. After countless hours of meeting together and coming up with creative theme and design ideas, we came up with a campaign to help promote and improve the subdiscipline in my major. My group came a long way from the beginning of the semester when we got randomly paired together. None of us knew each other’s’ names, and I was unsure of how we’d work together. I am really thankful for Morgan, Crystan, and Marlene (AKA Jennifer’s Angels) as my group mates and new good friends. On the last day of finals, we presented our entire PR campaign and 100-page plan to our client, and I even shed a tear when it was over because I was just so proud of how it all came together. I always take pride in my work, but because of all the time we’ve spent on this project, I had an even stronger connection to this campaign. When it was all over, my professor sent us all an email praising our work and how she is looking forward to using some of the materials we produced for the client. I’m really happy that I found a subject that I’m passionate about and enjoy learning. My PR II course was a great step to get experience in producing materials like I would in a professional career.


Now that I’ve mentioned the whole career thing… I guess I can expand on the new project that I’m now working on over break: an online portfolio. I’ve spent hours creating a website that showcases all the work I’ve done during my time in college, including both my professional experience with internships and the course work I’m most proud of. My portfolio will also display my resume and recommendations so that potential employers can really get a feel for what I’ve accomplished so far. The site is actually almost finished, and once I publish it I will post the link on this blog!

More to come soon about the rest of Winter Break and Christmas! Happy holidays everyone!

Semester Crunch Time

Hello all,

Just thought I’d catch you up on my life. I’ve been somewhat busy with school and my involvements but nothing too overwhelming. I’ve learned to really enjoy life recently… pushing away all the negatives and focusing on the positives and things that make me happy. I’ve mentioned it before, but I am so incredibly thankful for the awesome friends in my life. It’s the little things I want to look back on and appreciate about my senior year: getting froyo with Molly, playing intermural basketball with friends, going out to eat with Raleigh, bonding with the AGD senior girls, eating cookie butter and hanging with Austin, walking on the beach in the sunshine… the list can go on. These are the things worth mentioning and remembering during my senior year.

It’s the home stretch for this semester. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and half of my senior year will be over in just a few short weeks. In a week from tomorrow I will be flying home for Thanksgiving (a much needed break and some home-lovin’). After those 5 days, it’s back to Wilmington for 2 days of class and a week of finals. And that’s it. While it’s simple to write about right now, I’m in for some rough waters ahead. I’ll eventually brace myself for the work that will soon slam me, but not even the thought of finals is bringing me down at the moment.

While I am recognizing and appreciating all the great things I have in my senior year, I can’t help but think about my future. Recently, I’ve become somewhat consumed by the idea of what will happen to me upon graduation in May. The idea of not knowing where I’ll be in a year is a very intimidating thought. So I’ve spiffed up my resume, spoke with the career center, and have begun the job search.  For those of you that don’t know, I really want to pursue a career in public relations in the entertainment industry. Finding a job may be the scariest process I’ll experience in my life. I know it’s kind of early to start applying, but next semester is right around the corner so I want to have an idea of what I’ll be looking into. It’s CRUNCH TIME. I know this is just the beginning of probably a long, stressful, straining process, but I’m glad to have an idea of what I want to do with my life. Who knows where I’ll be living, but the thought of moving to a new city is frightening and thrilling at the same time. If anyone has any suggestions about tips for the job hunt, I’d love to hear from you!

I’ve just registered for my last semester of classes and it was truly a strange feeling. I’m definitely looking forward to my classes that will start in January and have successfully scheduled everything to have NO FRIDAY CLASSES (yay for senior privileges). Also starting in January, I will be interning at Cape Fear Community College in the Public Information Office which is located downtown. I’m really excited to work with their office because the supervisors seem extremely friendly and are willing to give me work that is relevant to what I want to do for a career. I’ll be working on PR projects, such as writing press releases, updating social media, taking photos at events, and writing (hopefully) published pieces on the college’s updates. More to come about this next semester…

Okay that seems like enough of an update for now. Hopefully I’ll post at the end of the week to share more about this FINAL full week of classes (it’s crazy how time flies)!

My Perfect Sunday

Yesterday was somewhat perfect. Usually I’m pretty stressed on Sundays because I’m cramming to get tons of work done before a new week, but yesterday was pretty much stress-free. I woke up feeling super well-rested (thank you daylight savings for an extra hour of sleep) and then Molly picked me up to get coffee and Beach Bagels (a really good bagel shop near the beach where you can find tons of college kids eating brunch on the weekend). We met up with a few friends there, and had a good time talking about being out at the beach bars the night before (gossiping the day after going out is always enjoyable). After that, Molly dropped me back on my street, where Raleigh’s film group was shooting some scenes for their project. I stopped over to talk to her for a bit, and then crawled back into bed for a little while to watch some episodes of New Girl (MY FAVORITE SHOW). I honestly think I watched about 15 episodes this weekend and can proudly say that I am officially caught up on the show so if anyone wants to talk about their love for Nick Miller with me, I’d be happy to obsess over him with you. Then Taylor came over and we took a long walk on the beach while catching up on life (she used to be my roommate and we miss living together). After our walk on such a beautiful fall day, we drove to campus to see the second half of the men’s basketball exhibition game, which we won by over 50 points. I went to Trader Joe’s after the game to get some groceries, then went back home and hung out until my sorority chapter meeting that evening.

While I didn’t really do anything super incredible, I just wanted to write down what I did to look back one day and appreciate the freedom and friends in my life at this point and note how much it all means mean to me. As you may know, this year started out really hard. I’m not close with my current roommates, I was really stressed about school and Rock for a Cure, I was sleeping horribly, and I just felt a little lost. Yesterday was one of those days that helped me realize that things are turning around and I can feel myself being a lot happier again. I’m taking time to be with the friends who actually care about me, and trying not to dwell on the negatives in life. Senior year is too short to be unhappy the whole time!

I’ve been really into reading posts from a blog called “Thought Catalogue” and found a post recently that really applies to my life. Read it if you have a little time… it’s really relevant to all you college kids out there.

It’s now Monday and I’m back to being busy all day. I’m using this few hour break in my day to write down some senior year moments that I want to remember. Yesterday is definitely one of those for sure. I wanted to pause yesterday in the middle of the afternoon and bottle up my happiness and freedom and youth to revisit whenever I want when I’m old and married and not living in perfect Wilmington anymore. If anyone finds a way to do that, let me know 🙂


Honestly, I’ve been kind of a Halloween hater for the past few years. I think this holiday is annoying once we all get past the acceptable age of trick-or-treating and are forced to dress up in cute/creative outfits and find plans and go out and have an awesome time. It’s overrated. So this year, I approached the Halloweekend like I have been for the past few years: unenthusiastic and uninterested in planning a costume and plans. However, I did conform and go out with all my friends due to peer pressure and the fact that I didn’t want to sit home during my senior year while everyone else is out. I do admit that my costumes for the different nights were pretty lame, but at least I came up with something. I went to a mixer as a cowgirl (threw that one together in about 5 minutes), I went downtown as a bat (which consisted of wearing all black and a bat headband), and I went to a friend’s party as a flapper (that outfit was recycled from freshman year). Regardless of my lack of creativity for my costumes on the different nights, I still had a fun time while being out with my friends. It’s senior year… no time to regret being lame and staying in!

Overall, the Halloween weekend was fun because everyone went out and I got to see a lot of friends. I still feel like Halloween is really overrated and puts unnecessary pressure to dress up and make awesome plans, and I’m glad it’s over with so we can all focus on getting excited for Thanksgiving, a holiday that is actually worth the hype!


Katie, Me, Coutney, Jessi before going out downtown! (They were Dunkin Donuts!)


Julia, Tricia, and me downtown!


Jake, me, and Kieran at a Halloween party


Me and Esme (Cowgirl & Peacock)


(Me, Chelsea, and Raleigh – Flapper, Miley Cyrus, Rosie the Riveter)

Let me tell you about my LITTLE…

Just two weekends ago my sorority finally had Big-Little Reveal. I’m SO excited to FINALLY announce that my little is a lovely junior named Tricia! It’s so exciting to talk about her in public and not keep it a secret anymore! Tricia is transfer nursing student from Sanford, NC and is such a sweet girl. SHE IS AWESOME. Over the past month and a half, I’ve been working my butt off to gather goodies and make crafts for her to put in four different baskets of surprises for four weeks straight. Well, FINALLY, the crafting and money spending is over, as it ended with a big celebration on the beach and then going out to a party my AGD sisters.

The reveal was really exciting… we all formed a long line on the beach and made a tunnel with our arms for the new girls (the littles) to run through one by one. At the end of the tunnel, I was hiding in a decorated box and popped out when Tricia ran through. Both of us were SO excited when I popped out and we hugged and laughed and took a bunch of pictures with our family on the beach. It’s a really rewarding feeling to finally have my little and see how much she appreciated everything I’ve done for her so far. I like that I have some leadership in the sorority, even though I do not have an official position in the chapter (which I wouldn’t have time for anyway). I know that Tricia is really excited to have me as her big, and we’re already getting super close. She knows I will be there for her if she ever needs anything and I’m happy to help her find her place in our chapter. This week is initiation week, with ceremonies each night for our new members before they officially become sisters of Alpha Gamma Delta after the initiation ceremony on Friday evening. Here are some pictures of the baskets and crafts I made for Tricia, and also some cute shots of the reveal and after-party. YAY FOR FINALLY HAVING A LITTLE!


1385247_4911566126783_1851337226_n 541763_4911554926503_842685767_n






20131104-140912.jpg 20131104-140923.jpg 20131104-140945.jpg 20131104-140957.jpg 20131104-141014.jpg

Rock for a Cure Recap

Hey blog readers!

So here’s my post Rock for a Cure update for you all:

The week leading up to it I was pretty much freaking out, and definitely sleep deprived. But I blinked my eyes and it was already Friday, so I woke up with a smile on my face despite all the major anxiety and stress this event has caused me. The morning and early afternoon started out with a beautiful sunny sky… until streaky gray clouds rolled in while my parents arrived in to town. (Reminder: this event is on an uncovered rooftop downtown.) So of course… it started to rain. Lightly at first, then steadily pouring just an hour before Rock was about to start. I seriously almost started crying… all my hard work would NOT go to waste for a little water from the sky. Some weather miracle must have happened, because the skies cleared with just enough time for us to wipe down the soaking wet tables and re-set up the auction items and raffle displays.

The event was SO much fun… and a HUGE success! Despite the rain scare, so many people came out to support the Communication Studies Society and the Pink Ribbon Project. Honestly, it went even better than I had expected. I had my whole family there, my best friends, a huge group of Student Ambassadors came out, and ton of other students too. I want to give a HUGE shout out to the group of Student Ambassadors who came out… their support at my event meant so much to me and it just further shows how much of a family we are. Love you guys! Also, thank you Julia & Hannah who came out from AGD to support me too!

We raised a little over $5,200 for the Pink Ribbon Project and my Professor, Jennifer Chin, who served as our faculty advisor, even admitted that this was the most fun she’s ever had at Rock for a Cure in the 7 years she’s coordinated it. (That’s a big compliment coming from her.) My family won two prizes from the raffle drawings that I was in charge of too, so I’m glad that all the prize gathering paid off.

Overall, I am so thankful for this experience as a co-coordinator of Rock for a Cure 2013. I learned a lot about what goes into planning a large benefit event and I was really pushed by Jennifer to do my best work and meet pressing deadlines. There is so much that goes into coordinating an event… more than I had ever thought about. But the experience was definitely one that I can look back on as extremely rewarding.

The rest of the weekend with my parents was great. Jakes’s roommate and best friend, Kieran, also had his parents in town so the big group of us took on Wilmington together. We ate at all of my favorite restaurants (Sweet & Savory, Indochine, Osteria Cicchetti, Orange Leaf froyo), went food shopping, walked around downtown, and  watched the Eagles play at a bar with all Philadelphia fans (the Copper Penny… that was nuts)! Thanks to my beautiful mother who baked me brownies, maldel bread, and banana bread which is now almost completely gone (I’m a fatty). I miss my parents already 😦

Overall, it was one awesome weekend and now I’m back in the library writing this blog post with a large cup of coffee on the table. Back to reality until I can escape back home for Thanksgiving!







(Thank goodness it’s FALL BREAK.)

I’m sorry to all my blog followers who actually read this and have been disappointed in my lack of posts recently. To say I’ve been busy is an understatement. But here’s what you’ve missed since I last updated you…


This is my final year playing club basketball at UNCW and I was able to travel last weekend with the team to UNC Pembroke to play in a tournament. We had 5 games in 2 days and the other teams there were UNC Pembroke, UNC Greensboro and Campbell University. I quickly learned that Pembroke is in the middle of nowhere but we had a lot of basketball to play so I wasn’t too sad that there wasn’t anything fun to do in the area. The UNCW Women’s club basketball team is really good this year. Dare I say that is has the most potential of all the years I’ve played for the team… well, we’re good. But I didn’t expect for us to do so well at our first tournament and playing together as a team. I really loved spending time with the girls and getting closer to a few on our 2 hour car ride and late night up talking in the hotel room we rented for the night. We went undefeated for the weekend and won the championship game in double overtime vs. UNCG! It was definitely a sweet feeling to win in double overtime. We have a tradition on our team that the seniors get to hold the championship trophy in the photos after the game. As the only returning senior starting from freshman year until now, I had the bragging rights and seniority to hold our beloved championship trophy! Check out my pictures from the weekend…


For those of you who still aren’t up-to-date on your sorority terminology, a “little” is a girl from the new pledge class that I have taken in to my sorority family and is considered my “little sister” (kind of?), and I’m called her “big.” So it’s a secret for our new girls to know who their big is, and the bigs are required to be super artsy and craft them things (canvases, glasses, letters) and put together a basket of goodies for 4 weeks straight. I would post my first two baskets that I have put together with all of my little’s favorite things, but for secrecy reasons I won’t post any pictures or talk any more about my little until we have our reveal in a few weeks. Did I mention how hard it is to keep this a secret? The bigs have to be super sneaky in their crafts and trying their hardest to not let the littles guess who they are! All I can say for now is that I am SO happy with the little I got and I can’t wait to finally have her know who I am! More to come on this later…


I haven’t wrote much about my involvement as a co-coordinator for Rock for a Cure, but it’s actually taking over my life at the moment. I was chosen by my PR professor to be one of three girls who are planning this event. It’s a breast cancer benefit concert downtown on a rooftop bar! All of our proceeds will be donated to the Pink Ribbon Project which helps local Wilmington women who are uninsured with mammography screenings and provides “comfort bags” to women undergoing treatment currently. My duties include, and are not limited to:

–          Writing press releases to get media coverage

–          Getting sponsorships from businesses in the community

–          Collecting donations for our silent auction and raffle prizes

–          Organizing the raffle items and creating signage for them at the event

–          Creating mini-flyers and promotional materials to get event publicity

–          Organizing and communicating with volunteers

–          Creating a VIP list for entry at the door

–          Distributing flyers and t-shirts

–          Organizing every other detail that goes into event planning… lighting, decorations, etc.

So… that’s just a GLIMPSE into what I’ve been doing for the past few months. As the event comes closer, I’m starting to become a little more stressed but excited for it to finally be here! My parents are even coming next weekend so I’ll be really happy for them to see my hard work come together. My press release actually got us airtime on a popular radio station in Wilmington, Z107.5. I’ll be interviewed LIVE ON THE RADIO on Wednesday morning so look out for more updates about how that goes! I’ll post after the event to share how it went! ONE WEEK AHHHHH.


Yup, that means a whole 4 day weekend off of school! While the beginning of my break started off a bit rocky (I was sick and lonely in my house by myself), I turned the weekend around now by getting a LOT of errands done today and feel super productive. Which is why I’m writing this blog post now because I can!

A large majority of my friends went home for Fall Break, including my roommates, so I’m enjoying the peace and quiet in my beach house and using this time to get stuff done. I don’t really have a choice, I have a LOT to do! Today I got my haircut (which was definitely a necessity because my hair was getting ratchet recently). So now I’m writing this with STRAIGHT HAIR. For those of you who really know me, you know my straight hair is a big deal. Today I also went downtown to drop off Rock posters and t-shirts, went food shopping at Trader Joes (yum Cookie Butter) and Walmart (ugh that place is a nightmare), got more crafting supplies at AC Moore (gosh that place smells so good), and did a few other things. Not bad huh?


I’m notorious for writing too much. SORRY! That’s all I have for now. My parents get in to Wilmington on Friday so I’m sure you’ll be hearing about that and how Rock for a Cure goes. BYE!