My Fantastic February


There has been so much excitement in my life during the month of February so I’ll try to touch on some of the major things to update you all…


As I’ve mentioned plenty of times before in my blog, being a part of UNCW’s Student Ambassadors organization is probably the best thing I have joined in college. I won’t get all sappy and talk about how it has helped me grow as a person and find confidence in myself as a leader, but it has really been responsible for lot of my happiness here at UNCW. I was able to travel to Charleston, SC for my third convention since I joined Ambassadors freshman year and I felt like such a convention veteran during this trip and conference. Convention is such a great opportunity for our Ambassador organization to learn and grow by mixing with other schools and ambassador programs and learning how they run their organizations in various sessions. Because convention was held in Charleston this year, we had a short road trip there and got to enjoy the city too! My favorite part of convention is being able to make friends with students from other schools in the southeast and keep in touch after it’s over. The weekend flew by, but the experience was one of my favorite memories of this semester.

Student Ambassadors also get “newbies” earlier this semester. Our newbies are the newest batch of students that we admit into the organization. This year we got 24 newbies and they are so great. I love the recruitment period in Ambassadors because getting our newbies really revive the organization and get everyone excited for these new members to be a part of our “ambassa-family.” We welcome these newbies into Ambassadors by going on a retreat at the beach for a full day to teach them everything we do, as well as participate in tons of teambuilding activities and icebreakers. The new member retreat always brings our Ambassadors closer together and we all feel like one big family after the long day. This retreat was extra special because it was the last one I’d participate in. It’s crazy how so many traditions have been “the last” already. I’m getting so sentimental now that my last semester is already half way over!


As some of your blog readers know, I was selected to be on Homecoming Court to represent my organizations and involvement at UNCW. Being chosen for this is a HUGE honor in my opinion, and it was something I had only dreamed about my freshman year. The school chooses 5 girls and 5 guys to be on the court, so the process was really selective. I was so excited to be recognized by the school for all of my commitments to the university. Because of this awesome recognition, my family traveled down here to Wilmington to support me on the court! The winners of Homecoming King and Queen were announced at halftime of the big basketball game, which happened this past weekend (2/22). I ended up winning first runner up for Queen, which is an honor I am extremely proud of. While I didn’t win the title of Queen, the support that I received from all my friends was overwhelming leading up to the big announcement. I was so fortunate to have my family down here too. My best friend Yael even got to ride down with my parents and spent the whole weekend with me (LOVE YOU YAEL!). My grandparents Gigi and Charlie also made the 9 hour trip down to NC, which was an AWESOME surprise. I cannot repeat enough how fortunate I am for the amazing opportunity to be on Homecoming Court. The experience was by far one of my favorite here at UNCW.


Now that all the homecoming excitement is finally over, I can focus on my spring break plans! I am going on a 4 night CRUISE (for the first time) that leaves from Miami and goes to Nassau and Cococay (both in the Bahamas) and Key West! I CANNOT CONTAINT MY EXCITEMENT. This has been a crazy busy week leading up to break so now that I have officially completed all my work, I’m ready to celebrate. I’m going with my 3 friends: Esme, Julia, and Camille (girls from AGD) and we will leave to drive down to Miami on Saturday REALLY early in the morning. Despite the 12 hour car ride there and back, I’m SO PUMPED for this vacation and to be in the sunshine and have a tan again (finally).


That’s all the updates for now. I plan to post about my spring break cruise when I’m back 🙂









Spring Semester Catch Up

I feel awful for not keeping up with this blog as much as I would have hoped recently. There are so many things that I want to record and share with you because I am having such an amazing last semester so far. I’m going to try and mention some of the main things that have happened during the last few months without writing a novel (wish me luck)!

New Years 2014 – as much as I badmouth this holiday as “overrated,” I actually gave in to the hype and made plans this year. I ended up buying a ticket to some party at the Borgatta in Atlantic City with a big group of friends from high school. It ended up being one of the best New Years celebrations I’ve ever had so I’m definitely happy that I gave in to the peer pressure. I stuck with my best friend Yael for the whole night and we had a great time dancing, mingling, and enjoying the open bar available for two hours. This was my first New Years being of age, so hey, I needed to enjoy it! We stayed down the shore that night in Margate with a bunch of our guy friends and had an awesome time laughing in the morning about the night before. Definitely one of my favorite winter break memories!



Florida with the family – I was lucky enough to escape the winter break snow storm up north by going to Florida with my family and visiting my grandparents, Bubbie and Zadie. It was so nice to spend some quality time with everyone so I really tried to make the most out of the vacation with family bonding. Unfortunately, the weather was not very nice and we saw the sunshine for a total of two hours in a span of five days. Of course my family made the best of it by eating and shopping our way through Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and Delray Beach. We also got to celebrate my mom’s 50th birthday (a lot). I can’t complain though, we were lucky enough to have weather in the 50’s and rainy than be in the 20’s with snow! One of my favorite parts of the trip was learning Yiddish words from Bubbie and Zadie.


Snow/Ice Days – THREE FULL DAYS OF CLASS CANCELLED. Enough said! I enjoyed some major downtime from this busy semester by watching TV, looking for jobs to apply to, and hanging out with friends. It was awesome. I do have to admit, though, that by the time I had to go back to class I was definitely ready. It’s hard for me not to have a routine or be on schedule!


New Internship – I have been interning since the beginning of this semester in January at a community college in downtown Wilmington called Cape Fear. I am so thankful for this opportunity because I have been doing a lot of work related to a professional career in public relations! I am the Marketing & PR intern for the Public Information Office and have been working hard on writing press releases, articles, taking photos, designing marketing slides, and more! The internship is going really well and I am so glad I’m getting this experience with duties related to PR, which is what I want to do for a career!

More to come ASAP about more recent and exciting things for me this semester 🙂