Honestly, I’ve been kind of a Halloween hater for the past few years. I think this holiday is annoying once we all get past the acceptable age of trick-or-treating and are forced to dress up in cute/creative outfits and find plans and go out and have an awesome time. It’s overrated. So this year, I approached the Halloweekend like I have been for the past few years: unenthusiastic and uninterested in planning a costume and plans. However, I did conform and go out with all my friends due to peer pressure and the fact that I didn’t want to sit home during my senior year while everyone else is out. I do admit that my costumes for the different nights were pretty lame, but at least I came up with something. I went to a mixer as a cowgirl (threw that one together in about 5 minutes), I went downtown as a bat (which consisted of wearing all black and a bat headband), and I went to a friend’s party as a flapper (that outfit was recycled from freshman year). Regardless of my lack of creativity for my costumes on the different nights, I still had a fun time while being out with my friends. It’s senior year… no time to regret being lame and staying in!

Overall, the Halloween weekend was fun because everyone went out and I got to see a lot of friends. I still feel like Halloween is really overrated and puts unnecessary pressure to dress up and make awesome plans, and I’m glad it’s over with so we can all focus on getting excited for Thanksgiving, a holiday that is actually worth the hype!


Katie, Me, Coutney, Jessi before going out downtown! (They were Dunkin Donuts!)


Julia, Tricia, and me downtown!


Jake, me, and Kieran at a Halloween party


Me and Esme (Cowgirl & Peacock)


(Me, Chelsea, and Raleigh – Flapper, Miley Cyrus, Rosie the Riveter)


One thought on “Halloweekend

  1. Have always disliked Hallowen. Silly, stupid “holiday”! I do see that it is good to go out and play with your friends. Will we get to see you in one of your costumes (my fave is the bat) !!

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