Ready, set, go. Senior year.

And so begins another new semester of school. It all seems like second nature to me at this point. Buying notebooks and school supplies, organizing my backpack, ordering books… the list goes on for class preparation. But the feeling of going in to senior is different than anything I’ve felt before. I have the urge to start over again from freshman year, while simultaneously wanting to start applying for big girl jobs in new cities. I want to relive the newness of being in a different, foreign place having to make all the new friends I can. Yet I want to stay here in Wilmington forever and hold on to its beauty and freeze the happiness I feel on campus with friends and make it never go away. Wilmington has been my home away from home for the past three years.

As I find myself flooring the gas petal into my senior year, I hope this blog will help me tap on the breaks to capture the moments I really want to remember and share with you. It’s the beginning of the end starting right now. After just one week’s worth of classes, I’ve already had some “lasts” here at UNCW: Beach Blast, Rock the Rec, the involvement carnival, Student Ambassador fall retreat… just to name a few. While I’ve caught myself spending too much time thinking about these “lasts,” I realize there are some “firsts” that senior year brings as well: living off campus at the beach, sorority recruitment, knowing someone in all of my classes, having my brother at school with me… these are the new and exciting aspects that I’m realizing will make my senior year one of the most memorable years of my life.

My goal is to post at least once a week in this blog. I want to use this space as my own little journal for senior year memories and take you along for the ride. Follow me here to read about my triumphs, struggles, involvements, friendships, and everything else that senior year will bring. Ready, set, go. Round four, it’s senior year.


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