So it’s official. I’m going to be a world traveler during these next few months! I have spent the past two days gathering information, planning, and booking flights, hostels, and busses with friends and finally have the finalized itineraries! We planned two shorter weekend trips, but I’m most excited about our “reading week” (AKA a whole week off of school) where I made tons of travel plans. Check out where I’m going…

Weekend Trip to Edinburgh, Scotland: Oct. 26-28, Hostel: Castle Rock (with Raleigh)

READING WEEK TRIP (get ready for this…)

BARCELONA, SPAIN: Nov. 1-4, Hostel: Mediterranean Youth Hostel (with UNCW friends Kelly and Megan)

ROME, ITALY: Nov. 4-7, Hostel: Legends Hostel (with Kelly and Megan)

DUBLIN, IRELAND: Nov. 7-11, Hostel: Ashfield House (meeting Raleigh, Liza, and probably Chelsea)

*note: I’m so close to convincing Sinead to do this entire trip with me too!

Weekend Trip to Paris, France: Nov. 30-Dec.2, Hostel: Young and Happy Hostel (with Raleigh)

So that’s it! Seeing it all written down like that doesn’t look THAT impressive, but believe me when I say researching and booking those flights and hostels took HOURS to do! My hope is that some other friends join the Edinburgh and Paris trips too. I’m thinking Chelsea will probably do at least one of them, and Sinead is seriously considering doing the same reading week trips as me, plus Edinburgh! I also can’t wait to see what Paris looks like in December when it’s close to Christmas time, beautiful I bet.  I cannot tell you how excited and actually relieved I feel after doing all that. Raleigh was with me when I booked that first flight to Paris and when I actually clicked the confirm button for the flight I kind of freaked out for a second with excitement and nerves. I can’t believe how I’m just making all these plans myself. I feel so grown up. After booking the first trip… I was totally on a roll. We looked into getting the cheapest, but best deals on hostels and mapped their proximity to the main attractions at our city destinations. If you’re curious about these places, definitely Google what the hostels look like (and obviously I will post pictures once I’m actually there). Staying in those places will definitely be an experience, but hey, I’m a young college kid. Why not!

Besides these excursions involving flights, I’m now going to start planning a few day trips that are a little closer in England, like trips to Bath, Bristol, Stonehenge, Kew (Botanic Gardens), and more local London places like Camden, Westminster, Abbey Road. Plus Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, and definitely go see a show or two in the theater district here. I still have SO much to go see! All this travel planning has really got me thinking. I can’t wait to see what these next few months have in store for me! That’s all for now 🙂


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