First Day of Class & Basketball “Taster”

So after some much needed downtime ALL DAY yesterday (Sunday 9/23), I was somewhat well rested for the first day of class at Roehampton today. I only had one sociology lecture from 10-11 am so Mondays will be one of my easiest days (besides Wednesdays and Fridays when I don’t have class)! The class seems like it will be pretty interesting considering I’ve never taken a sociology course before. However, the course has a few components to it and I will be in class for a total of four hours a week just for that one course. I’m now being convinced by my friends to try and switch that one… I’m considering taking a linguistics class instead that will count towards my English major (we’ll see!). Since my last post about finalizing my classes, a few things have changed. The one I was really excited for (Media City & Cultural Capital) has actually gotten cancelled, forcing me to choose a different class instead. So I went to the Media department today and added another interesting class called Travel, Tourism, and the Media which actually seems really cool. And it’s only from 9-11 am on Tuesday mornings (my only class tomorrow)! On Wednesdays I have no class, but something interesting about Wednesdays at this university is that there are little or no classes offered in the afternoon because it is the travel day (or a practice day) for many of the sports teams here. Thursdays are going to be VERY busy for me, though. I have a sociology lecture from 10-11am, then a sociology seminar 11-1, an hour for lunch, and my Children’s Lit class 2-5 pm. Talk about a headache… I’ll let you know how that day goes because I’m pretty sure my brain will explode.

I’m really excited to have Fridays off in order to have a long week to travel somewhere hopefully a few weekends during the term. My friends and I are starting to look for cheap flights to some other places in Europe. Paris, Dublin, Bremen, and Edinburgh are all on my potential travel list. But I’m definitely going to make a huge effort to go visit my roommate, Taylor, who is studying abroad in Salamanca, Spain! My dream is to make it to Rome and Florence, but I’m not sure how feasible that is (especially if I’m trying to save my money).  If anyone has any suggestions on cheap travelling possibilities, PLEASE let me know! 🙂

As for the rest of my day after class… I fixed my schedule and went back to sleep for a while. As of last night, I haven’t been feeling too well (throat and head hurt a little) so I think I may be getting a cold. I’m not too surprised because after that crazy Freshers Week, my immune system probably isn’t the strongest. So I’ve been catching up on almost a whole season of 90210 I missed at school last semester. It’s definitely entertaining when I have downtime.

After napping for a bit, I got ready and went to the “taster session” (open gym) for the women’s basketball team here. I was actually pretty nervous because I haven’t played in a few months and know I’m out of shape to play. However, I turned out to be one of the better ones there. Some girls have barely ever played before, and a lot just didn’t know what they were doing. With that being said, I felt a lot better about my skills (which were a bit rusty for me, but not too bad) when seeing how everyone else played. I could definitely point out the 5 or 6 girls with skill who have played for the team the past few years. I was happy to be playing with a little talent here and there! I was also anxious to see if there were any differences in terms or playing overseas. The captains did a really good job of explaining everything and making everyone feel included which I liked. It was really funny for me to hear so many girls yell out “unlucky” to other girls for encouragement. Whenever someone missed a shot or messed up in some way, they would say “unlucky.” I was so confused at first but then I realized they meant “it’s okay” or “good try.” Still, it was so strange. They also called the pinnies (practice shirts) “bibs.” Overall, it was a good time and I’m glad to be playing a little again. Wednesday afternoon is “trials” (tryouts) so I’ll go to that and see what happens!

After class tomorrow I’m planning on going exploring a little more around the area. Raleigh and I may take a walk to Richmond park, a beautiful area right near campus with deer and other pretty things, or take the bus to a nearby town! The weather has been really crappy and rainy for the past two days, but it looks like it will clear up for tomorrow so I’m excited! More updates to come about a new adventure…


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