The Start of Freshers Week

So the last few days I’ve been somewhat busy running errands, attending welcome sessions, and filling out/handing in paperwork for the university in different areas like finance, registration, and accommodation. However, I am learning a lot about on-campus resources and finding all the buildings pretty well. Roehampton isn’t too difficult to navigate through after a few days!

On Sunday (9/16), the rest of my flatmates arrived and moved in to their rooms on my hall. I thought I was getting four new girls, but it turns out I counted wrong and we only have a five person flat instead (oops!). I’m happy that I can be living with more than just one person now, but still haven’t really gotten to know the girls very well. Mayta is the other international girl from Spain that moved in two days after me and she is very friendly and likes to cook with her friend, so the flat always smells really good. The other three girls are from England so I’m excited to be living with some British natives who may know some things I don’t… and be around their accent a lot. Their names are Emily, Sammy, and Yen Yen and they all seem pretty nice. However, it seems like some of them keep to themselves quite a bit and I kind of wish we were closer flatmates. The flat can get really quiet so I’m really trying to make an effort to get to know them!

I spend a lot of my time in Newman (another dorm building) with Raleigh, Chelsea, and Liza who all live on the same hall there. Newman is just a few minute walk from my building so it’s not too bad. Their flat rep (AKA RA) is the sweetest girl named Sinead and she really makes me feel welcome there… I like to say that Newman is my second home next to Shaw. The girls also have four guys who just moved in and they are all super friendly and welcoming (Theo, Conor, Evan, James). It’s good to be their honorary flatmate!

As of yesterday (Monday 9/17), Freshers Week at Roehampton has officially begun. At this Uni, Freshers Week consists of a fun event each night to welcome all the first year students and help them get to know each other. Last night was a special BOP dance just for flat reps and freshers with a UV theme. They gave us a special white t-shirt to decorate and wear to the dance and glow sticks when we got there to shine under the UV blacklights. It was definitely my favorite night here so far! I find it so funny that at the dance and bar get-togethers, they play tons of American music from the 90s and early 2000s. I really haven’t heard a song I don’t know yet so it’s pretty cool that everyone loves our American jams!

Lastly, today was another more laid back day or hanging out but I did get to finalize my class schedule and get my Roehampton student ID! This term I will be taking Intro to Sociology, Development of Children’s Literature, and a class called Media City and Cultural Capital, which consists of travelling around London with other international students and learning about media and journalism (I’m SUPER excited about this one). And the good news is that I only have class two days a week! I plan on doing a lot of travelling over some long weekends. Very exciting.

Tonight’s Freshers event is called Laugh Out Loud which is a stand-up comedy act coming to campus. I actually have to go get ready for it right now so that’s all for the moment! More updates to come.

20120919-122242.jpg Digby Stuart welcome social with my girls Raleigh Chelsea and Liza

20120919-122354.jpg Newman flatmates… Plus me

20120919-122449.jpg glowing at the UV BOP


20120919-122552.jpg Chelsea Raleigh Sinead and Connor outside of bop


laundry time…


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